• We did it

    We did it!

    Today West Tennesseans voted to determine who would represent them on the ballot in November against the Democrat nominee. Thanks to an outpouring of support from Republicans across the 8th Congressional District, I am honored to take our shared vision of Constitutional, conservative solutions into the general election in November.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for nominating me. I am humbled by your support and I will work tirelessly to uphold the trust you have placed in me to continue to fight against President Obama and his liberal, big-government policies, and work toward victory in November.

    Thanks again for your support!

    In Liberty,
    Stephen Fincher

    * Tonight, West Tennessee voters sent a message to President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that their days in power are numbered. Make your Primary Election Night victory contribution to help me start the general election off strong. Click here to donate.

  • Vote Fincher Button

    It’s Election Day!

    It’s Primary Election Day! If you didn’t vote early, we hope you’ll get out to the polls and cast your vote for Stephen!Your vote is VERY important! Make your voice heard today. Vote for Stephen Fincher before the polls close at 7:00 p.m.

    If you’ve already voted, we hope you’ll take a moment to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to get out and vote before the polls close at 7:00 p.m.!

    Thank you for your help and support!

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher

    * You can find your voting location HERE – cast your ballot for Stephen Fincher!
  • Tomorrow’s the big day

    I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is Primary Election Day and polling locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please don’t forget to vote! 

    It is very important that each and every West Tennessean have their voice heard at the ballot boxTogether we can continue to fight against President Obama’s liberal, big-government agenda and change the way things work in Washington. 

    Hope to see you at the polls!

    In liberty,
    Stephen Fincher

  • 2 days away

    Yesterday, Stephen traveled all across West Tennessee — Jackson, Humboldt, Somerville, Munford, Bartlett — on the “Standing Up for Tennessee” bus tour.

    Not only did he reaffirm his conservative, Constitutional values he’s clung to in Congress, throughout the day he had the opportunity to speak with constituents like you, who are fed up with President Obama and his liberal, big-government agenda.

    He wants me to let you know – Thursday will be your chance to stand up to the liberals in Washington by casting your vote for conservative Stephen Fincher.

    With your vote, you can tell Washington liberals you’ve had enough! Tell them that you’ve had enough with Obamacare, reckless spending, bad policies, and sky-rocketing debt.

    Let’s flood the polls with conservative voters and send a loud and clear message to Washington that West Tennessee has had enough!

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher

    * Don’t forget to get out and vote THURSDAY! You can find your voting location HERE and then get out there and make your voice heard — cast your ballot for Stephen Fincher!

  • Across the finish line

    Early voting ends TODAY and Election Day is this Thursday, August 7th. The support Stephen Fincher has received so far is humbling, and we need your help as we enter this critical time in his campaign.

    Will you help us push Stephen across the finish line with a contribution of $10, $25 or $50 today?Anything you can give greatly helps Stephen take on Obama’s liberal, big-government agenda.

    Thank you for your support!

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher

    * Don’t forget to get out vote today! You can find your early voting location HERE and then get out there and make your voice heard — cast your ballot for Stephen Fincher!

  • Skip Vote Early

    It ends tomorrow

    Early voting for the Tennessee Republican primary ends tomorrow, Saturday, August 2, and I would be honored to have your vote.

    Will you stand with me as we work to take back Washington and end Obama’s liberal, big-government agenda? If so, CLICK HERE to find your early voting polling place, and then go VOTE TODAY!

  • Endorsed by

    Endorse Stephen

    Yesterday, Stephen shared that he’s recently been endorsed by the National Rifle Association for his 100% support of our 2nd Amendment rights, but your support matters most in this election. Now’s your chance to give Stephen your own personal endorsement!
    Help build support for Stephen’s candidacy by telling your own story. Head on over to the Endorse Stephen page and tell the rest of the 8th District what Stephen’s done to help you and West Tennessee, and why you believe he ought to be re-elected!
    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher
  • Fincher NRA Endorsement

    Fighting to protect your 2nd Amendment rights

    Early voting is underway and I have exciting news to share, I’ve once again been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

    As a longtime hunter, gun owner, and lifetime member of the NRA, I know just how important our 2nd Amendment rights are. Gun ownership is not only a right enshrined in our Constitution, but a way of life for many of us West Tennessee. 

    The NRA has given me an “A” rating for my work in fighting against President Obama’s liberal, anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

    However, it’s your endorsement I’m counting on in order to help me keep fighting Obama and those who don’t believe in our Constitutional rights and are fighting to destroy them.

    Skip the election day lines and vote early — to protect your 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Skip Vote Early

    As you know

    Early voting for the Republican Primary Election began Friday and I am asking you to vote for Stephen Fincher for U.S. Congress.

    You can find your early voting polling location by clicking here.

    As you know, Stephen Fincher has been a driving force in the fight to repeal Obamacare – fighting on behalf of Tennesseans who have experienced healthcare plan cancellations and premium increases. He knows what an awful law it is, and is working hard to repeal it.

    Skip the lines and vote early in the 2014 Republican Primary Election. Vote for Stephen Fincher, conservative for Congress.

    Thank you for your support.

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher

  • Early Voting

    Less than one month to go

    Did you know we’re less than a month away from election day? Starting this Friday, July 18 you can skip the lines and vote early through Saturday, August 2. Take a moment to verify your voter registration status and get ready to vote Fincher for Congress!

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher


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