• Thanksgiving 2014: We Give Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Today, and always, let us give thanks for the many blessings God has bestowed upon us, our families, and our great state of Tennessee.

    As you gather with your loved ones on this very special, truly American holiday, my family and I wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

  • 7 Times President Obama Said He Was Opposed To The Amnesty Executive Order He Announced Last Thursday

    President Obama can pretend that he has always been in favor of the amnesty executive order that he announced last Thursday. But not only has he repeatedly said before that he opposes – he’s even admitted it’s unconstitutional.

    Here are just 7 times the President said he opposed an amnesty executive order:


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  • Veterans Day 2014

    Thank you to all those who served

    Happy Veterans Day. Today, we honor the generations of brave men and women who have selflessly served and fought to defend our many freedoms — our veterans.

    On this Veterans Day, let us give thanks to all of America’s veterans for their sacrifice and service. Let us pray for the safe return of all those who continue to serve across the globe defending our freedoms. And let us renew our sacred commitment to always remember our veterans’ service and to ensure they receive the care and support they deserve at home.

    Our veterans deserve nothing less than the best. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who served.

  • Thank you West TN

    We did this together!

    I take great pride in representing Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District and I am truly humbled and honored with the privilege West Tennessee families have given me tonight to serve the 8th District and help lead West Tennessee for the next two years.

    It’s no secret, America is at a tipping point. Now, more than ever before we must fight to for commonsense, conservative policies that will result in good-paying jobs that help restore and grow Tennessee’s, and America’s, economy. It’s the key to Tennessee’s, and America’s, future success.

    Tonight, West Tennessee voters spoke clearly that they support those very ideals and they want a representative who has kept their promise to focus on the things that really matter —  creating good-paying jobs, building a brighter future for our kids and grandkids, and creating security for our parents in their retirement — and we have.

    I remain steadfast in my efforts to create opportunity for all, and I look forward to doing all I can for West Tennessee in Washington.

  • Polls Are Open

    A lot at stake

    It’s Election Day! All across Tennessee the polls are open until 7:00 p.m. If you didn’t vote early, we hope you get out to the polls and cast your vote for Stephen!

    There is a lot at stake in this election. Tennessee has a chance to vote for conservative candidates that will move our country forward.

    The choice is clear. If Tennesseans want to send more help to Harry Reid and Barack Obama, they should support liberals who will continue to rubber-stamp their liberal policies of burdensome, job-killing, big-government regulations and out-of-control spending.

    But if Tennesseans want a U.S. Congressman with a solid plan to move Tennessee and this country forward, someone who will fight for Tennessee jobs and Tennessee families — they ought to support Stephen Fincher.

    Your vote is critical. Make your voice heard today. Vote for Stephen Fincher before the polls close at 7:00 p.m.

    Onward to Victory!
    Team Fincher

    P.S. Not sure where to vote? Please click here right now to find your voting location today.

  • Obama on the ballot

    President Obama said

    President Obama said, “I may not be on the ballot this year, but every single one of my policies are on the ballot.”

    For eight long years, Democrats have controlled the United States Senate. Under their control they’ve passed countless burdensome, job-killing, big-government regulations like Dodd-Frank, and the President’s very own Obamacare.

    I don’t know about you, but I think Obama makes an excellent case for why conservatives need to turn out and vote tomorrow. I think it’s time we turned things around this Election Day.

    We need each and every conservative, West Tennessee voter at the polls. We’re closer than we’ve ever putting our country back on the right track, and every vote matters!

    If you don’t know where to vote, simply click here to find your polling location. Be sure to bring your photo ID with you — a Tennessee driver’s license, Passport, military ID, or anything else on this list.

    We’ll see you at the polls tomorrow!

    Let’s win this!
    Team Fincher

  • 6 days

    Keep the momentum going!

    This is it. We’re officially in the final week of the campaign and early voting is underway across Tennessee.

    If you’ve been following the polls, you know that almost every competitive race across the country is neck and neck.

    This is going to come down to voter turnout. All of our targeted, conservative voters need to show up!

    Will you send $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help deploy our targeted Get-Out-the-Vote strategy in the final week of our campaign?

    We need your help to make sure big government, liberals don’t win this November.

    Can I count on you to rush your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more today?

    Together, we’ll make sure conservatives show up at the polls!

  • Early Voting Election Alert

    Early Voting Election Alert!!

    Early voting in Tennessee has already begun. Right now, thousands of your neighbors and Tennesseans across the state are already casting their ballots.

    The outcome of races across the state may very well be determined over by the early voter turnout in the next few days. We all know that things come up last minute – don’t risk it. There is too much at stake this election and we can’t afford to leave anything up to chance. 

    Click here to find your early voting location right now!

    Voting early as an excellent way to avoid the long lines on Election Day and ensure your vote for Stephen is counted right away.  

    Please click here right now to find your early voting location today.

    Thank you for standing with us.
    Team Fincher
  • Obama Allies

    It took just 6 years

    It took just 6 years… 6 years for big-government liberals to unleash a wave of big government like we’ve never seen before: Obamacare, out-of-control energy taxes, and the doubling of our national debt. Obama and his liberal allies have America in disarray and it’s going to take all of us working harder than ever to save our great nation.

    That’s why I’m writing to you now — I need to raise $10,000 by Friday to have the resources necessary to continue to keep the House of Representatives and take back the Senate, and put an end to the most liberal agenda in the history of the United States.

    Every week I’m in Washington, I’m focused on passing initiatives that would make it easier to find jobs and create jobs across West Tennessee, and the rest of the country. Every day I fight to live up to the responsibility of leaving America better off for the next generation. I’ve supported improving job training programs so workers can acquire the right skills; expanding production of American-made energy to lower household costs; opening new markets for small manufacturers; and repealing and replacing job-killing Obamacare.

    And now, I’m asking you to step up and make a donation of just $10 or more to help me reach my goal so I can keep fighting back.

    This is our fight for our country. This is our time to turn things around. Please join us by contributing just $10 today!

  • Skip Vote Early

    We’re not asking for money

    Early voting for the Midterm Election began Wednesday in Tennessee, and I am asking you to vote for Stephen Fincher for Congress.

    You can find your early voting times and polling location on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website and contacting your local count commission election office by clicking here.

    We have the opportunity to make history right now and bring real change to our country — by securing a Republican Senate Majority and maintaining control of the House of Representatives.

    What would a conservative Congress mean? It means we’ll be in a stronger position to:

    • Advance better solutions for jobs and growth
    • Stop reckless government spending
    • Continue the fight to repeal job-killing Obamacare
    • Hold President Obama accountable
    But we can’t get there without your vote — head to the polls today and cast your vote for conservative, Stephen Fincher!

    Thank you for your support.

    Onward to Victory!
    Team Fincher

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