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    Endorse Stephen

    Yesterday, Stephen shared that he’s recently been endorsed by the National Rifle Association for his 100% support of our 2nd Amendment rights, but your support matters most in this election. Now’s your chance to give Stephen your own personal endorsement!
    Help build support for Stephen’s candidacy by telling your own story. Head on over to the Endorse Stephen page and tell the rest of the 8th District what Stephen’s done to help you and West Tennessee, and why you believe he ought to be re-elected!
    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher
  • Fincher NRA Endorsement

    Fighting to protect your 2nd Amendment rights

    Early voting is underway and I have exciting news to share, I’ve once again been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

    As a longtime hunter, gun owner, and lifetime member of the NRA, I know just how important our 2nd Amendment rights are. Gun ownership is not only a right enshrined in our Constitution, but a way of life for many of us West Tennessee. 

    The NRA has given me an “A” rating for my work in fighting against President Obama’s liberal, anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

    However, it’s your endorsement I’m counting on in order to help me keep fighting Obama and those who don’t believe in our Constitutional rights and are fighting to destroy them.

    Skip the election day lines and vote early — to protect your 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Skip Vote Early

    As you know

    Early voting for the Republican Primary Election began Friday and I am asking you to vote for Stephen Fincher for U.S. Congress.

    You can find your early voting polling location by clicking here.

    As you know, Stephen Fincher has been a driving force in the fight to repeal Obamacare – fighting on behalf of Tennesseans who have experienced healthcare plan cancellations and premium increases. He knows what an awful law it is, and is working hard to repeal it.

    Skip the lines and vote early in the 2014 Republican Primary Election. Vote for Stephen Fincher, conservative for Congress.

    Thank you for your support.

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher

  • Early Voting

    Less than one month to go

    Did you know we’re less than a month away from election day? Starting this Friday, July 18 you can skip the lines and vote early through Saturday, August 2. Take a moment to verify your voter registration status and get ready to vote Fincher for Congress!Onward to victory!

    Onward to Victory,
    Team Fincher


  • July 4th

    Happy Independence Day!

    Today we celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America. 238 years ago our Founding Fathers risked it all and declared their independence in hope of creating a nation of liberty, freedom, and endless opportunity for all.

    We honor our Founding Fathers and the great risks they took on in declaring America’s independence. On this day, and every day, we  give thanks to the brave men and women in uniform who have made, and continue to make, great personal sacrifices for our nation.

    Lynn and I wish you and safe and Happy 4th! God Bless!

  • Lois Lerner Under Oath

    IRS scandal gets bigger every day

    The Internal Revenue Service scandal and cover-up gets bigger every day.

    First the IRS tells us that 43,000 Lois Lerner emails had disappeared that just so happen to be from the key period of time when the IRS attacked the Tea Party. Then on Wednesday they confessed that emails from at least six additional employees involved in the Tea Party targeting had also gone missing.

    That’s convenient.

    This coverup is worse than the 18.5 minute gap in the Nixon tapes from the Watergate.

    Our Administration is willing to go through great lengths to cover their tracks, and the IRS in all its arrogance seems to believe they’re too good for the laws they make the rest of us follow.

    It’s time we brought in an Independent Prosecutor to get to the bottom of things. We can’t allow the Obama Administration to get away with the outright, malicious targeting of Tea Party groups across the country.

    The American people cannot – and should not – tolerate an Administration that’s willing to break the rules and then deceive to cover up the truth.

    It’s time to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal once and for all. It’s time for justice to be served.

  • coal miner

    Take a stand against Obama’s job-killing War on Coal

    Earlier this month, President Obama side-stepped Congress once again by introducing radical, coal-killing EPA regulations that will lead to skyrocketing energy costs and effectively put a target on the back of tens of thousands of American jobs.

    Rather than focusing on common-sense solutions to put Americans back to work, Obama’s new EPA regs will lead to long-term, permanent job loss across the country.

    Even a big-labor union recently admitted that the new EPA regulations will eliminate nearly 500,000 American jobs.

    This is unacceptable. We cannot allow our President to force his liberal agenda on the American people, and kill much-needed jobs.

    This is why I need your help.

    Will you donate $10 to help me fight Obama’s job-killing War on Coal?

    Together we can put an end to Obama’s War on Coal.

  • Veterans Saluting

    I’m doubling down

    This Memorial Day weekend I spent a lot of time reflecting on the great sacrifices so many have made to protect and defend all that we hold dear.

    While many lost their lives serving our great nation, over 21 million veterans still live today – many of them here in Tennessee’s 8th District.

    Which is why I wanted to let you know that I’m doubling-down on my pledge to stand up for and protect America’s veterans, who so selflessly served our great county.

    I will continue to find solutions for their unique problems, hold the Obama Administration accountable for its blatant mishandling of veterans health care, and fight for reforms so our veterans receive the attention and care they have earned.

  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    As we enjoy the day filled with friends, family and cookouts, let us not forget what today is really about — that all that we enjoy as Americans, rests on the backs of so many who have sacrificed for the many freedoms we so often take for granted.

    Let us not take for granted those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty and freedoms.

    Please join me in honoring our fallen soldiers and thanking our service members for making America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

    Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!


    Don’t be fooled

    Don’t be fooled by the liberal media — they’re claiming the President’s health care law is a victory, when in reality it’s anything but.

    A new report that came out this week reveals that 74% of Obamacare enrollees already had health insurance; just 26% reported being previously uninsured. And that figures drops down to 22% when considered alongside whether or not the individual has actually paid their first month’s premium or not.

    Translation: folks who were forced off the plans they liked thanks to Obamacare, ended up going through the exchanges to replace said lost plans.

    To make matters worse many of these plans have increased monthly premiums or deductibles, making it more costly to have health insurance for the millions of Americans who were happy with the plans they previously had.

    Which begs the question? Who is Obamacare helping? And a what cost?

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